Friday, 25 October 2013

Grave New World.♥

The other day I saw the last episode of Pretty Little Liars I have waited for two months. I must say that it was strange to review the Liars, and especially in a new place as Ravenswood.. The vote of the episode is an eight, due to heart attack I had while red coat turned out being Alison!
I'm so happy! But I think that Ezra is not A, it would be too easy knowing that there will be other seasons.
The more bad news, is that now we have to wait 7 January for the new episode, I think in the meantime I light 'a thousand other theories.. ahahaaha :)

Have you seen the new episode of Pretty Little Liars?

-My new Obey's hat by my sister from London <3

Good night to everybody!♥