Tuesday, 26 November 2013


On Saturday I made ​​these muffins and they came yummy yummy!
Well, summer is over for two months, the cold and frost is back also bringing the season of rain and short days :(
I don't like all this, it makes me feel bad, 
But luckily it all goes passes fast without perceiving because the time I spend in school and to study immediately passes these days :)
But when I have free time I like to pass it by doing something good for the stomach.. something sweet!:)
and that's why I made the muffins, they are really quick and easy to prepare and doesn't need much. 
When I was little I always did them with my childhood friend, Ola.
We had fun a lot to decorate!♥

Goodnight to everybody.♥

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Countdown to London.♥

It 's strange to say but we are slowly approaching the end of the year, taking away the Christmas holidays and Sundays 24 days of school were filled with tests and some other, this fall is especially beautiful to me, perhaps because I have a wonderful boyfriend who never ceases to amaze me and there's no time to stop to show it! I'm so happy to have such a person in my life, well is my better half.♥

In exactly one month I will return to London, yeeee I'm so excited! This is the second time, I went there last spring and I'm still in love!
It 's so beautiful, amazing, incredible and all the other adjectives that I could add!
I can't wait to spend Christmas there, I think that will be the best Christmas ever! At least I hope so!♥
Picadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Victoria and especially to go back on millenium bridge and from there to see the Cathedral of St. Paul :)

Good Saturday Night to Everybody!♥


Today is my girl's birthday!
I'm so proud of her, she's my girl, I grew up with her.
I was always with her, even now that worldwide criticism for the video 'WRECKING BALL' directed by Terry Richardson, or for photos. Each of us is good at criticizing but then when u think about it you realize you was wrong.. 
She's a star, you can't afford certain things, I don't know if I would have done everything that she did and continues to do, but I know that she's a REAL GIRL, she has a heart and a big soul!
She isn't selfish in fact, has done so much for people, very few people know the real reason why she cuts her hair! The reason is only one, wanted to donate to an association and this has resulted in a profit with whom they have helped so many children!
We're in 2013, before spoking look, and inquire why a person did a certain thing!
good twenty-first birthday princess! <3


She's amazing and I love her voice!♥

Monday, 4 November 2013


Last Friday, the first of november, I went to Pompeii and I spent the night there.
As soon as we arrived we went to the hotel, then the Mass and immediately after the campatile to see the city from above, the view was fantastic! You could see the Vesuvius, which I think is a fascinating thing the volcano.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello everyone, how are you? I'm very well and sooooo happy!
Soon I'll meet my sweetheart, and I'm leaving tomorrow!
I'm going for a weekend in the South of Italy :)
Pompeii tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday in Puglia, including Saturday I'll go to my friend's, Claudia, BDay! <3 I'm so happy: 3
Good 'holiday' at all and have some fun!;)


"Since it was created a long time ago, Halloween has helped men to stimulate their creativity, to familiarize yourself with their fears, to look at reality from a different point of view. For the Celts, Halloween was a way to greet the arrival of winter. For the early Church was the eve of All Saints' Day (All Hallows Eve). In America emigration Halloween party was the first multi-ethnic and popular. From the fifties has become the party of the children and of the sympathetic motto Trick or treat? (Trick or treat). In recent years the night of October 31 is celebrated as a holiday fantasy: a sort of irreverent carnival macabre. Today, Halloween can be considered to all intents and purposes a party globalized economy, with so many different ways to be celebrated in different parts of the world."

Trick or Treat,
Trick or Treat:
I want something good to eat.
Trick or Treat,
Trick or Treat:
Give me somethig nice and sweet.
Give me candy and an apple, too
and I won’t play a trick on you!




Monday, 28 October 2013

International Smile by Katy Perry.♥

For every person Monday is a drama, a whole week of work/ school to get a little pause, the weekend.
But this week is different!
I've already done all the tasks I had to do and I was left with only the task of the French in the first hour on Thursday and I'll be on vacation until monday: ')
I'm really glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! :)
NO more stress, JUST have some fun!

Goodnight to everybody!:)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Thanks God For Saturday!.♥

Hello everybody!:)
This week has been really heavy but luckily today is Saturday!
This afternoon aside from rest a little bit I organized everything, tomorrow I'll be with my sweetheart and I'm happy!♥
Today I put the photos of yesterday :)

Ahahahaahaha :D

Good Saturday Night to All!♥