Saturday, 4 January 2014

From London.♥ Part 1/4

Hi everyone!
I came back from London, and I'm really excited. It 'was again a wonderful experience, and Christmas was really nice pass there, despite all the rain.

1.The first day we went to British Museum, I have to say It is really big! And you can find everything!

2. On 24 December we went to Madam Tussaunds, was nice to meet Johnny Depp, The Beatles or Rihanna :)
After we went to London Acquarium and on London Eye, was an amzing experience!

That's all for today, I wish to everything to spent a nice weekend :)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sunset od December.♥

Yesterday I was photographing the fantastic sunset with my boyfriend and I'm really proud to see these photos because I have to say that they came out fine, without any retouching <3
I'd be lying if I said that I don't love photographing sunsets.♥

Goodnight to everybody ♥

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lazy Sunday.♥

Hello to everybody:)
How are going your plans for XMas?
For me well, I'm organizing the time spend on the Christmas holidays in London and honestly I can't wait :)
in 8 days I'll be on the airplane that will take me to Gatwick :)
  This morning I spent time with mom to go shopping, and unfortunately it rained a little bit: (
Today is just a lazy Sunday, but finally soon I'll see my love

I'm obsessed with this song!

Have a good Sunday♥


For a while time I love the classic style, jeans, white shoes, a sweater and a scarf in one color with the pearl earring is my perfect look :)

To don't often dress the same way I add something from another style, usually this is some accessory.
Last day I bought three things from H&M, 3 Basics.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The last day I received my gift for christmas.. a bit of time before Christmas Day is a normal thing in my home haha :D
My love is samsung galaxy s4. I don't lie I wanted the iphone, but in the end the choice fell on the brand of Samsung and I'm proud.
It's really a good phone, I find it very convenient because I can open all of my favorite apps with one touch, such as Skype, What's App, Facebook, Instagram, GMail..
For the quality of the photos still I don't have full idea, sometimes it does really nice and some not so.. and this made ​​me realize that nothing will ever replace my beautiful and beloved Canon:) although I have downloaded applications Retrica or CamWow alternatives, since they have been bought only by Apple, and I find myself well :)♥

Sunday, 1 December 2013

First December.♥

Finally we have december!
The last month of this great year, I won't write about all this year because this isn't the end but I just hope that all will be continue great for December as for the last eleven months.
It was the year I'll remember forever, I'm sure!♥
Today I started to decorate at home, I stuck to the windows of the sticker and I put lights around my room, this weather is sweet: ')
I love everything about this, and think that in 22 days I'll be on the airplane  to London..ohw.. THE GOOD LIFE♥

Goodnight to everybody!♥